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1. Who are the Minneapolis Warriors?

The Minneapolis Warriors – Minor League Football Organization is a 317A
Non-Profit Adult Amateur Football Team registered with the State of
Minnesota and are based out of Robbinsdale MN. The Warriors are set to play
their second season in the Spring of 2017. This level of football is made
up from a range of experience, from former High School Football Players to
College Football Players even to former and current Professional Football
Free Agents.

2. Where do the Warriors Play their games?

Our home games are played at Robbinsdale Cooper High School Stadium located
at 8230 47th Ave N, New Hope, MN 55428.

3. Where does the team practice?

The Minneapolis Warriors Practice at Robbinsdale Cooper High School Stadium
located at 8230 47th Ave N, New Hope, MN 55428.

4. How old do you have to be to participate?

Players must be at least the age of 18, players can play as long as they
can physically and mentally compete.

5. How do I try out for the Warriors?

Register to Play for the Warriors in the Right Side Bar and we will email
you with try out information.

6. How much does it cost to play for the Warriors?

You must purchase an adult football helmet, shoulder pads, black football
pants and cleats. In addition, The Minneapolis Warriors charge a $250.00
registration fee, this fee; however, can be satisfied by internal
fundraising opportunities presented by the front office and coaching staff
during the preseason.

7. What are the time commitments involved?

We will have 1 mandatory team practice per week during the season and
offseason starting in January, “Captains may also hold a captains practice
during the week as well.” In addition, we will hold a weekly conference
call/online film session to go over plays and game schematics and finally
games will be on Saturdays from April to August, times TBD.

The main question is,

“Why should I play for the Minneapolis Warriors Minor League Football

Here are Ten Facts (In no particular order) that explain:

We care about your goals as a player. Whether your goal is to play at a
higher level, stay in shape, goal to just continue playing the game of
football or any other goal, we want to help you accomplish them to the best
of our abilities. This is important to us.

We want to provide you with knowledge. When you surround yourself with
great people that are knowledgeable, knowledge tends to follow. Here with
the Warriors, we have partnered with an exceptional, motivated and
experienced coaching and administrative staff. They want to help by sharing
their knowledge in the game of football, business, in life or anything in

We’ve partnered with one of the best football facilities of any team at
this level of football. In our partnership with Cooper High School. We will
be utilizing the High School football field for practices and games. This
is key because mathematically (angles, depth, football lines…etc)
practicing on a football field best translates to the actual game. In
addition, we are also utilizing some of their major equipment. (Sleds,
nets, ladders, dummies…etc) this will allow our players to have effective,
competitive and structured football practices. Lead by one of the very best
coaching staffs currently assembled.

We are faith based. With our faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ it
empowers us to lead by example as an organization. This also comes with
high expectations within our organization. We hold our organization,
players and staff in the highest regard and to the highest standard.

We want to partner with you as a player. As a non-profit organization, we
don’t have owners collecting revenue or an income so it’s important for our
players, staff, sponsors or even fans to have a say. Each season we will
design new uniforms to vote on, what type of events we should hold for
games, what we should theme each game, which charities are important to us
and more. We want to involve everyone who wants a say in some of these
important decisions through public voting or through a board of director’s
vote. You will never hear anyone within the organization say, “My Team” you
will only hear “Our Team.”

We are an organization under the umbrella of the Northern Elite Football
League (NEFL) The NEFL has some of the very best teams in the country and
competition is plentiful. The NEFL holds teams to an “Elite standard”, this
means from a branding perspective (logos, apparel..etc), from a football
equipment standards perspective, online perspective through the NEFL
website (players stats…etc) and maximizing player and team exposure through
online media avenues and finally through a rules and guideline standard
creating a competitive and safe environment for players.

Brotherly comradery. Lifelong friends and highly memorable times are often
made through the game of football. Whether it’s through games, bus rides,
after game activities and the like.

Structure and accountability. It’s important to us as an organization to
provide structure and accountability with structured and effective football
practices, structured football specific workout & nutrition programs
and holding people to higher standards. In addition, we have a major
opportunity as an organization to help individuals become successful in
life and we don’t take that for granted; for most, this is bigger than
football itself and we as an organization agree football is the vehicle.

We want to make it fun. This is fun, what is more fun than this game? It’s
easy to suck the fun out of this game through social drama, politics,
fighting, miscommunication, lack of commitment among other things we as an
organization find this to be one of the most important facts about the
Warriors. Moving forward we’re very commitment to all of these things. We
want this to be exciting and memorable.

We’re committed to building a championship organization. It was once said,
“You play to win the game!” The Minneapolis Warriors are going into their
second season as a franchise; with that said, there are many teams going
into a decade or more as a franchise, so the Warriors are fresh to the
race. Many players find a thrill in jumping onto a winning bandwagon; for
some, it’s an easy ticket; on the other hand, fewer want to take the hard
but far more rewarding path to a championship and create their own way. We
represent all of the talented and strong-willed individuals who want to
“make their own way” and we will make it together, As mentioned earlier, we
want to hear your voice and if it’s for the betterment of the team we will
then put it into action.